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Are you or a loved one suffering from a drug addiction problem? There is hope, but you must seek help from the right addiction recovery center. One of the most important things you should look for in a substance abuse treatment facility is comprehensive and compassionate care. Our drug detox clinic in Cedartown, Georgia is a state-of-the-art facility that caters to clients with different needs. The environment here will prepare you to return to your former life through various customized programs. Should you face any challenge, you have access to a supportive team of highly trained personnel.

Individualized Care

Clients at our addiction treatment center received highly individualized services from a team of trained professionals. They take part in different addiction recovery programs such as individual counseling sessions and group meetings. The facility’s goal is to help clients work towards recovery at their own pace. We provide a distraction-free environment. In addition to this, clients enjoy a safe and open environment for everyone to speak freely about their lives.

We understand that everyone’s addiction is different depending on several factors such as physical and mental condition, past experience, and personal history. Sometimes, a client is not only dealing with addiction, they’re also dealing with a co-occurring disorder. In such instances, professional interventions can help to coach the person how to handle the situation. In our addiction treatment facility, clients will go through a tailored addiction recovery program that involves different treatment options. The program is designed in such a way that it enhances the development of positive behavior and coping skills necessary for supporting a lasting sobriety.

Why Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment is Important

Research has proved that more than a third of people with drug addiction problem also suffer from other mental health disorders. Sometimes, the addiction occurs because of other psychological factors besides substance abuse. Our treatment professions are aware of co-occurring mental disorders, so the program takes into consideration these factors to ensure a total addiction recovery. In essence, our comprehensive therapy will ensure clients return home with a firm foundation in recovery thus reducing cases of relapse.

Supervised Detox

The utmost goal of every client in drug rehab centers is to get back to their lives as fast as possible. In our addiction treatment center, clients are helped to achieve this goal through a supervised detoxification process. This is an intricate process that is carried out by our experienced professionals. Trained staff will supervise and monitor the clients and manage any side effects that may result from withdrawal.

In many cases, Oakview Recovery clinic follows the 12-step recovery model. With this kind of approach, clients can help one another to maintain abstinence. One way of achieving this is providing a safe environment where people can share their experiences. The first step of treatment is recognizing and admitting that one has an addiction problem. We put an emphasis on customizing our programs to a client’s situation. This way, an individual is empowered to exercise control over the recovery.


To avoid relapse, there is follow-up care which includes helping you to transition from our drug rehab facility to a normal life. Our addiction recovery facility will equip you with skills that will help you gain the strength to resist any form of relapse and get back to your life. To achieve this goal, we have an aftercare program tailored to help you live a drug-free life. In case you become overwhelmed, you have an aftercare staff that will be there to keep you on focus. The program also teaches you how to cope with challenges that can trigger stress such as financial problems, relationship problems, and so on. On top of this, the aftercare program will help you regain self-control and prepare you for life after rehab.