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How Going to a Drug Rehab Facilitates Recovery from Addiction

After taking a significant initial step of acknowledging that you have an alcohol or drug dependence problem, you are probably wondering which course of action is ideal for your situation. A study from the US National Library of Medicine reveals that extended abstinence predicts long-term recovery from drug addiction. Oakview Recovery and drug rehab center in Port Saint Lucie, Florida have over time provided a multidisciplinary approach to recovery from drug use. While the decision to enroll in a drug addiction recovery program is taken during the initial stages of recovery, it is arguably the most crucial factor that could be the difference between a relapse and long -term sobriety. Some of the benefits to be derived from attending a substance abuse treatment facility include:

Physical Benefits

Enrolling in an inpatient drug rehab facility from Oakview Recovery comes with instant physical benefits. For instance, after ceasing the usage of alcohol or the drug on which you are dependent, you are likely to suffer withdrawal symptoms. But fortunately, after that our addiction recovery center in Port Saint Lucie will primarily focus on detoxification and facilitating your addiction recovery. Instead of quitting “cold turkey,” our certified addiction recovery facility understands the importance of helping you get through the withdrawal process gradually and ensuring that you have the foundation necessary for a full recovery. Admittance into a rehab virtually eliminates the chances of an overdose, which is especially because you will no longer have access to the drug.

Moreover, getting involved in our in-house addiction treatment center in Port Saint Lucie will remove you from the immediate environment that may have compelled you to use in the first place. There are certain triggers for alcohol and drug use that might include smells, sounds or sights, which you can avoid by simply enrolling in an inpatient rehab facility. This will provide you with the requisite support for eliminating the urge to indulge in immediate cravings. You will also successfully avoid the stress that may also play a major role during a relapse.

Psychological Benefits

Our Port Saint Lucie addiction treatment facility will provide you with a psychological therapy that is specifically beneficial to your situation. Such therapies and treatment options are designed to facilitate your transition into abstinence; they take into account your drug history to provide you with a customized solution.

Emotional Benefits

Depending on the philosophy of the provided program, the emotional benefits you are going to derive from enrolling in a drug detox clinic cannot be overstated. While physical influences contribute a huge deal to your dependence on drugs, your emotional state of mind also factors significantly. Fortunately, rehab centers provide you with emotional safety, which is a critical component of your treatment.

For instance, our Port Saint Lucie drug rehab center will provide you with a haven from stress and despair. Ideally, enrolling in our Port Saint Lucie drug treatment facility will act as a buffer between you and the outside world, giving you the opportunity to focus exclusively on healing and recollecting your life.

It Doesn’t End There

The process of detoxification is not always a walk in the park and attempting to undertake it without professional assistance could easily lead to a relapse. Withdrawal symptoms are often very severe, and few individuals who adopt self-help methods are able to resist the urge of seeking the drug of choice to relieve their pain and discomfort. It is, therefore, imperative to recover the right way, which begins with a supervised detox at our Port Saint Lucie addiction treatment center.

Besides, enrolling in a detox facility will ensure effective dual diagnosis treatment, which is especially true if you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depressive episodes, and delusional behavior. For instance, the Oakview Recovery rehab clinic in Port Saint Lucie understands that substance abuse is often triggered by an underlying psychiatric disorder. Our dual diagnosis treatment seeks to address the aspects of mental health concurrent with substance abuse treatment.

The Oakview Recovery detox clinic in Port Saint Lucie will also provide you with a safe and comfortable environment for enhanced healing of your mind, body, and spirit. We have private rooms that will allow you to participate in your treatment and therapy sessions in a secure and relaxed setting. This is in addition to providing group therapy that will effectively reduce the risk of feeling isolated, depressed and ashamed while enabling you to witness the recovery of others. This will automatically cultivate a culture of recovery. You’ll also stand to benefit from our aftercare services, which comprise of a continuation of the counseling and support after successful completion of our drug addiction recovery program in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.